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  • Because the audit of your site is the most important step before taking any positioning strategy in SEO
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Free SEO Checker

SEO is an integral part of online marketing. Your site’s success is dependent on how well you execute SEO or Search Engine Optimization. With that said, there are a lot of SEO tools available online. You have to choose a reliable SEO checker in order to maximize your site’s capacity and improve its performance.

Why is SEO important to my website?

SEO involves a lot of techniques and strategies that you can use to increase your site's popularity and gain more visitors. That can be achieved by getting a high-rank on the top search engines on the web such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Whenever you type a keyword in a search engine it will redirect you to 20 or so pages of results. Most pages that land in the front pages get more clicks and visitors since most internet users would rather click through the top results than go over to the next few pages. Also, the pages in the front lines have much better relevance than those that follow after it.

SEO will ensure that these sites are accessible to the search engines and will help in improving the site's ranking when it comes to search results. There are a lot of practices pertaining to SEO both good and bad which will give you results depending on what you want. Being a good webmaster, you should learn and practice the "white hat" techniques or the approved practices.

What should I look for in an SEO tool?

  • Good SEO checker tools can analyze your sites and give you real times results. It will also show you any issues that you need to fix especially when it can affect search engine performance.
  • Since the issues are already pointed out, you then can fix these issues yourself or hire an expert to fix it for you.
  • It will also aid you when it comes to optimizing your websites such as:
    • Letting you analyze your entire site for any penalties it may be holding so you can avoid it in the future and practice better SEO.
    • Let's you analyze your competitor website to give you an idea and better edge from your competition.


SEO-Detective - SEO Checker service for internet marketers

With you can analyze your whole webpage in just minutes and get customized results according to your needs. There are over 65 categories in which you can look into which includes bad links, links that load to slow, domain details and more.

Why do you need to a website SEO scan?

  • If you want your site to succeed in SEO, you have to correct all the underlying problems first before changing your strategies.
  • This SEO tool is efficient even for the beginners in online marketing and website ownership.
  • Improve the overall quality of your website.
  • Follow recommended actions when it comes to the errors detected in your site.
  • View important tips and advice from SEO experts when it comes to boosting your site's content reach.
  • The reports are 100% free, no hidden charges applied.

If you feel that your site is not up to its potential then there maybe something wrong that you have overlooked. Do a website SEO scan right now to help you figure out what’s wrong and correct it before it can affect your site’s performance. is the best SEO checker online that offers you their SEO analysis services for free and all the data that you enter in the website will be kept safe from third parties so you don’t have to worry about it getting to the wrong hands. Be a threat to your competition with a well built, error free website now.